Just another name, another face, singer-songwriter/poet living in New York. 

“Sometimes I wear two faces. The strongest one keeps me alive.” 

SESAC affiliate singer-songwriter. 


Raised in Houston Texas where giving the shirt off of your back is second nature.


“Moving to New York, I absolutely loved it, but I quickly learned how disposable I was if I didn’t give the shirt off of my back.” 

Inspired by true talent, and sincere creatives in New York, yet equally repulsed by the many who just wanted FAME. 

Narcissistic relationship’s, and a deep disgust for nationwide dictatorship, the song
CRYBABY was born. 

“I can see through your crystal blue lies. You never felt me, you wanted me to cry babydoll. With all of your broken parts, how does it feel not to feel? How does it feel now that you broke this heart? Can you feel?"

Finding a real friendship in a sea of people, in a town where Frank Sinatra’s motto is “If you Can Make it here you can make it anywhere”, the balance was challenging. 

Sydney found herself outrunning the very same demons who chased her closest friend. He lost his life to suicide. 

“Losing my friend to suicide was the straw that broke the camels back. Everything just went black in my head. Light’s out.” 

“Why am I still here, what’s the point?” 
"I’m crying through a smoke-filled mind with fears, fetal position, and I’m bleached with your tears, bad ideas anxieties, and fears. I’ve gotta get my way up out of here."


Flowers are still beautiful even when they’re dying.” 

“For a long time, I lied and told everyone that I was happy. Just pretend, and smile. This was the lie I told myself” “Love keeps me alive”

Her bittersweet Shakespearean romantic love affair: 
“Rosaline, that one could never understand your pain. Whisper me the truth, I’d walk the earth for you. I’d drink the potion, fall asleep, and stop breathing for you.” 


Missed trains, Manhattan therapy sessions, Arlene’s Grocery, onstage, narcissistic breakups, broken guitar strings, mental breakdowns, blackouts, hangovers, East village thrifting, yoga teacher training, Rockwood Music Hall, leather collection, tattoo addiction, dirty subways, suicidal struggles, high heels, and sprained ankles. 


Just another name, another face, singer-songwriter/poet living in New York.